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all men are kunst:- walter

all men are kunst:- 
Supervision by Douglas McManus

Douglas McManus is one of Australia’s leading exponents of digital technologies for textiles. As an artist/designer he uses large format digital print on textiles combined with other high end technologies to create installation & sculptural based works. He researchs new textile and ink technologies to apply to conceptual and commercial projects around ideas of male physicality, hair, fur, and road kill.
Represented in major Australian galleries and museums

Et Alors? Magazine is the first glossy Gay, Drag & Genderbending style magazine with a cultural approach on diversity, created and independently published by Fleur Pierets and her drag king wife Julian P. Boom. Photogaphy: EJ Falconer 
Styling : Harald Ligtvoet 
Mua: Louise van,Huisstede 
Models: Wim Soete & Harald Ligtvoet 
Cake :Sweety Darling

Haralds Dream Wall 
Photographyy: Leisje Reyskens
Cake: Sweety darling

Douglas McManus would like to thank Zephyr Marama for pattern making/ constructing the dinner jacket silk organza shell

Chocolate, doughnuts, latex

Photo spread of fashion shoot
Et Alors? Magazine is the first glossy Gay, Drag & Gender Bending style magazine with a cultural approach on diversity, created and independently published by Fleur Pierets and her drag king wife Julian P. Boom. Home based in Antwerp and Amsterdam but travelling the world to give you a devastatingly positive, female pink shaded view on the LGBT creative scene.
They publish interviews with artists, musicians, designers and photographers who are just that tiny bit more edgy,who excel in variousness. Et Alors? Magazine fills the gap between a cultural publication, a trendy style magazine and a humanitarian mission. Fleur & Julian make a number of social controversial issues in terms of sexual orientation discussable, putting together their own perfect and unique mix, sprinkled a cultural coating on top and labelled it Et Alors? French for: So What?

Polymer clay, Acrylic, mixed media
200cm x 200cm x 170cm

 The Major General has chosen a formal outfit for the exhibition ‘All Men Are Kunst’.  Draped in a poly-carbon extract from the Celestial City of Phlebas and sewn exclusively by the House of Corrino, the gown took fourteen moon cycles, eighty eight Idirans and a mountain of Melange to complete. The jewellery is on loan from the Rama collection and is made from 268 carat Chelgrian gold.  Make-up, hair and styling by HAL 9000.

Digital print on photo gloss paper [artist proof] edition 10
60cm by 60cm

The act of taking a photograph freezes and instant in time. An expression or movement is captured as it existed in that single moment. We do not see the moment before or after. We do not see how the gesture evolves. 

As a photographer, however, I am looking at constantly shifting and moving live images. My subject is never completely still throughout a shoot. I see him from many angles and observe his movements and expressions. Taken together, they reflect the character of the man I am photographing, but the photograph is only a tiny slice of what I see.

In Polarities, I selected images taken of the same model and superimposed them upon one another. These photo montages are not double exposures. They are unique moments combined to create an extended moment in time. They show multiple facets. But they are imperfect. I am forced to blur the lines. That is the compromise that has to be made - by seeing more, we see less clearly.


Harald Ligtvoet’s world of kitsch explodes in a riot of beary queer visual dream states and fashion markers. A seemingly random collection of visual kink, furr, hunting lodge motif, suburban mayhem and confectionery is in fact a highly controlled piss take on society and our own subcultures. The melding of high camp with hyper masculine elements however results in a precise narrative that being a dreamer is indeed a reality.
Harald and his partner Wim, have been the ongoing subjects of the photographers lens, in scenes styled by Harald and presented here in a collage and styling by Douglas McManus.


Digital print on film
500 x 150cm
BOTANICA SYNTHETIQUE 2013 [concept piece]
Acanthus leaf vest and dinner jacket with leather flocked merkin
Digital transfer and laser engraved and cut microfibre, silk organza
100 x 50cm 

Last stand of the Ursine clan  Elizabeth town Tasmania comments on the relationships of the gathering of groups of men. The masculine pursuit of physicality and sex is always prevalent in these spaces whether in the context of straight male competitiveness or a gay male desire for hyper masculinity. This work takes you for a romp through a battle of zombie gimps versus men and beasts.  RPG’s , gothic landscape, couture,and  brooding sexuality collide in visually stylized grunge in this grand story telling

100 x100cm
Concept brooches
pirnted photo gloss paper, matchboxes

Dark, brooding ones; blond, pure ones (hardly); flaming red ones; and shaved smooth ones......this work looks to a quintessential Australian design to celebrate all men and to ask the question, which man would you light fire for?

R.I.P. (rest in porn)
Dror Barak, death from suicide on February 23, 2012, aged 38
Arpad Miklos, death from suicide on February 3, 2013, aged 45
Wilfried Knight, death from suicide on March 5, 2013, aged 38

I did not know Wilfried, Arpad or Dror, but I know what each one looked during sex. I’ve scanned through their Twitter profiles and furtively read through every article I could find to try to understand their suicides but of course it is in vain. Even a close friend’s suicide left me wondering, and I had years of conversations with him to draw from and to fester in. What understanding then is it possible to gain from blogs dedicated to porn, with anonymous comments berating the dead men with all-too-simple cause and effect explanations of their deaths? At the same time, endless tumblr accounts post and repost images of the three hirsute gods having sex, mostly with no acknowledgment of their deaths. The mental image of countless men around the globe wanking to images of dead men fucking stays with me. Immortal hard-ons and cum shots for all eternity.

It is difficult to work on a piece focusing on three men who worked in gay porn because it is difficult to admit publicly that I know these three men from porn – that I am a consumer of porn. Having a public image as an academic does not fit with this. Even if one consumes porn, admitting so publicly is a taboo. And of course this contribution to this exhibition could seem like a disingenuous attempt to legitimise my porn consumption through art and quasi-academic pondering. Yet it would be inauthentic for me not to deal with something that keeps haunting me. The deaths of these men by suicide urge me to speak though I did not know them. It is important for me to acknowledge these men as more than their perfect physical manifestations, as more than images, as men with the same fears, hopes and dreams that we all have, as vulnerable human beings. Dror, Arpad and Wilfried, we remember you.

All monies from sales of t shirts goes to the Pinnacle Foundation, assisting gay,lesbian, bisexual, transexual, intersex and queer youth who are disadvantaged. 

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